Celebrate quintessential Greece with an opa!

Sun-kissed isles with endless, white coastlines, hills of white-washed homes against the vast cerulean sea, ancient ruins,
fresh seafood, passionate music and warm-hearted residents- Welcome to Greece! A photographer’s paradise
and every voyager’s dream destination.


– Once a dark street in the Psyrri district in Athens, Pittaki Street is known for its unique lamp arrangement which gives the street a luminous touch. A venture by a non-profit organization and residents transformed this desolate street into a magical experience! The second highlight is Little Kook, a fairy-tale inspired cafe that is tucked at the end of this street.

– Nothing compares to a stunning Grecian beach, but the architecture of Pyrgi in the island of Chios comes quite close. Replete with monochromatic geometrical and medieval designs on the facades of all its buildings, it is definitely an Instagram-worthy destination. So be sure to carry your camera along!

– Take your taste-buds on a culinary adventure by sampling seafood straight from the ocean and regional cheeses that taste like nectar. With a plethora of options, Greece is a paradise for meat-lovers and vegetarians alike. Do visit Santorini for the Sunset Wine Tasting Tour which offers a relaxed wine tasting in the various wineries against a spectacular sunset.

– Go spelunking at Melissani Cave, a craggy cave known for its beauty and situated near Karavomilo. Inside, is the equally famous Melissani Lake which was dedicated to the nymph Melissani during ancient times and discovered in 1951. Enter the cave via a tunnel and have a grand time sailing the turquoise waters on a boat.

– Nestled on the stunning island of Crete, is the Samaria Gorge which provides a range of treks for exploration. Spanning 16 kms of majestic scenery and breath-taking view, the gorge is a must-visit for ardent nature lovers!


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