Witness the cultural tradition of socialising in Sweden with a fika!

Offering everything from deep-blue archipelagos and Northern Lights to killer fashion, food and design, Sweden is a Nordic dream
come true. Whether you’re sailing across an archipelago to a lonely island or trekking along a kingly trail flanked by snow-capped
mountains, the sense of space, solitude and freedom is matched by few corners of Western Europe.

Uncharted Territories

– Pitch a tent, ride a sleigh, pour yourself some hot chocolate and get ready to experience fascinating natural wonders like the Northern Lights by heading to Abisko or catch the Midnight Sunshine bright even at midnight. Definitely one of the coolest things to do in Sweden during summers!

– Take a close look at the country’s cultural tapestry by visiting Jokkmmokk, home to the Sami people. Their rich and ancient traditions offer a different take on the Swedish experience. Spend a night or two in a Sami reindeer camp, take a dog sledding tour or simply dig into local flavours at a Sami restaurant.

– Stay overnight at the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi or check out one of the hotel’s guided tours. The tour gives full access to all rooms, including the ones created by artists. End the day in the Ice Bar where you can have a cocktail or two, served in glasses made from ice.

– You shouldn’t miss the chance to cycle around the small island of Hven. It’s a fun activity, no matter if you travel as a couple or family. A popular thing among locals is to go out by their boat and just relax. As a tourist, you can rent a boat and spend a nice summer day at sea!

– Visit Swedish cities like Kalmar, awash with long-running beaches, the Kalmar Castle and Oland bridge or go to Birka, sail there on a traditional Viking ship replica and experience true viking heritage. Kullaberg has beautiful hiking trails with scenic views for relaxing and enjoying the beauty of Swedish summer.

– Perhaps one of the most popular things to do in Sweden, the snowmobile is a great way of transportation and one of the most unique things to do in Sweden as a tourist! Speaking of transport, do check out the Vasa Museum which has one of the most well-preserved ships from the 1600s, The Vasa ship.


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