Learn the Zulu greeting sawubona which transcends a simple hello

South Africa is truly a place of infinite possibilities, offering you a unique African adventure from its famous wildlife expeditions to
its glorious history and dramatic landscapes, the Rainbow Nation welcomes all who visit with open arms. With its unrivalled beauty,
ecological and cultural diversity, you may find it hard to bring yourself to leave these alluring shores.


– In Queenstown is a shell art museum filled with Winifred Ruth Lock’s rather eccentric, but nonetheless beautiful and unusual shell art collection which covers the interior surfaces of the house that served as her lifelong home, now converted into three galleries.

– You can’t miss Joburg’s Orlando Towers – two cooling towers ornately painted with murals just outside Soweto. Look closely and you’ll see a platform suspended between the two for 100 meter-high bungee jumps. And if that’s too exciting for you, then abseil your way down. The views from the top are splendid.

– Nama Reil, dance form described as the Northern Cape’s answer to the Scottish jig, the chance to join in a highly individualised, traditional dance comes but once a year at the Williston Winter Festival. It’s a highlight of the upper Karoo and more than enough reason to visit the area.

– This zip lining course takes about an hour or so to complete and it’s unbelievably fun. The long zip lines build up some speed and make you feel like you are flying over waterfalls and forested valleys. We recommend Tsitsikamma Falls Adventure for zip lining in Storms Rivers.

– Stellenbosch, a premier wine-making region has so much to offer. Wineries there like Peter Falke, have large open-air restaurant and lawns for families, couples and friends to sip on good wine and enjoy the sunshine. Their wine tasting tours and cheese platters are to die for, especially the cranberry delight!


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