Say privyet to the largest country in the world

Proud & Magnificent. There is no better way to describe Russia. Rich in history, vast in wilderness and soaked with artistry and beauty,
there is perhaps no experience as fulfilling as Russia. Fall in love in with the monumental architecture, the epic train-rides, the
scintillating night-life and the magical winters.

Uncharted Territories

– The beauty of Russia includes the vast expanses of forests, lofty mountains, ancient volcanoes and clear pristine lakes. These natural wonders hold the possibility of some thrilling adventures, whether it is a jungle safari, skiing, white-water rafting or a trek; the possibilities are endless.

– Quaint Siberian towns, ancient fortresses, the picturesque wooden houses and the olden streets provide the nostalgic feel of old Russia. Adding to the rich feel of Russia are the country estates of the greatest literary giants such as Tolstoy and Pushkin.

– St. Basil’s Cathedral is the epitome of traditional, millennium old, Russian architecture with its ‘onion-shaped’ domes. Apart from Moscow & St. Petersburg, a repository of glittering palaces and spirally churches are scattered all across the historic towns of Russia.

– There is no winter as enchanting as a Russian winter. The milky snow blankets the cities, which are then illuminated by twinkling lights. Pristine ice sheets blankets the city streets and the lakes to allow delightful bouts of ice-skating. Right out of a fairy tale, winters here are truly magical.

– The Russians sure love their vodka and do know how to party. A thriving nightlife can be found in even the remotest cities. The vibrant Moscow and St. Petersburg are 24-hour cities with an array of clubs and bars. The majestic city theatres and classical music concerts are perfect for an elegant evening.


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