Let the murmur of dobar dan by the turquoise sea sway you

With its lapping sapphire seas, exquisite wines and idyllic towns, Croatia is the epitome of relaxed, understated luxury.
Combined with its stunning natural beauty and renowned historic monuments along with being a prime shooting location
of the popular TV show Game of Thrones; Croatia has emerged as one of the most engrossing destinations of Europe.


– Discover the intact remains of 6 long-dead Catholic saints in the Baroque church of St Blaise in the sleepy little hamlet of Vodnjan. Amongst them is the 500-year-old mummy of St Nicholas of Bursa which is said to have healing powers even today!

– One of the most beautiful cities in Europe, the ‘Adriatic Pearl’ Dubrovnik has it all- Archaic forts, stunning sights of the cliffs and sea, gorgeous wall walks and repository of intricate architecture. Game of Thrones fans would be bound to recognize certain locales here!

– Under the Dubrovnik airport is a timeless cave filled with stalagmites and stalactites along with traces of human activity from the Bronze and Iron ages. Nowadays, it is used as a natural chiller for a great selection of wines from the Konavle region.

– At Zadar, several Roman ruins can be found alongside historic churches and impressive art installations. Experience the Sea Organ which creates haunting tunes from the waves and is unique each time you listen!

– Enjoy the extravagance of living in a five-star lighthouse in Vir! Launched in 2012, this lighthouse is just one of the many old structures that were converted into luxurious properties.

– Sniff out truffles in Buzet, also called the City of Truffles. Keep in mind to savour all the delicate flavours of local as well as international cuisine in this gourmet’s paradise.


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