Exchange hegiddera with sculptures while traversing the City of Ruins

In southern India, at the banks of Tungabhadra, lies the mystical village of Hampi. This ancient temple empire narrates its story
through the many boulders, monoliths, and ruins of ancient edifices present at the site. From enchanting sites to engrossing
temple complexes, Hampi is all about celebrating the grandeur of the olden, ancient days.


– Behold the archeological delights at the majestic Vijaya Vittala Temple. Housing many temples complexes within, it is known for its intricate carvings and olden sculptures.

– Steeped in tradition and ancient rituals, the 7th century Sri Virupaksha Temple is an exploration of the divine. This olden-style architecture dedicated to Lord Shiva will leave you awestruck.

– Marvel at the whimsical Queens bath. At the heart of this beautiful ruin, lies a sunken rectangular bath which is surrounded by beautiful arched corridors and projecting ornate balconies.

– Soak in the natural wonders at the Tungabhadra Dam. With the vast river at one side and a gorgeous garden at the other, this site will perhaps give you some of your greatest pictures.

– The Lotus Mahal with its gorgeous geometric architecture and its cusped petal-like arches will leave you wonderstruck. The symmetry is indeed a sight to behold.

– Other engrossing sites include the ancient towns of Chitradurga and Anegundi. Both the towns narrate stories of the bygone days through its stunning ruins and many ancient temples.


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