Have a buenos días exploring the Incan empire

Welcome to the centre of mythical beliefs, heritage and history, Peru! From downtown Lima to smack-dab in the
middle of nowhere, this vast country is a paradise for the active traveler. Visit remote communities, explore the
bounty of food markets, splurge a little on exquisite Peruvian culture and see how old ways live on.
Immerse yourself, and you’ll leave a little closer to the past.

Uncharted Territories

– Visit the magical oasis town of Huacachina, the tiny town welcomes visitors to watch the sunset on the beautiful oasis or engage in buggy riding and sandboarding or Tipon which showcases one of the most impressive ruins of the Sacred Valley with marvelous Inca terracing and architecture.

– A trip aboard the luxurious Belmond Andean Explorer which takes you from Cusco to Puno is a great way to enjoy the jaw-dropping views of the Peruvian Andes. You will cross many towns and natural wonders on your journey and the comfortable interiors of the cabins definitely add to the experience.

– The Larco Herrera Archaeological Museum houses a mummy that illustrates the ways the ancient pre-Incan Waris tribe preserved their dead. Take a look at the mummification style on display and be sure to see the mummified children sacrificed to the Gods in times of famine or death of an Emperor.

– The stunning Maras Salt Pans date to Incan times. Take a trek to see the interlocking geometric pans fueled by local springs which evaporate to obtain pure pink salt. Shamans and locals prefer this pink salt for its high mineral content and claim that it boosts energy. Be sure to ask before you grab some!

– Indulge in an ancient Incan ritual massage with ingredients that are only available exclusively in Peru. These ingredients are used to cure aches, pains and digestion in the form of body scrubs, oils and lotions. Prepare to relax as they pressed the briefly onto the skin for muscle relief and overall healing.

– The only hotel of its kind, Skylodge Adventure Suites promises a unique luxury accommodation that hangs off a 1300-foot cliff located in the Sacred Valley. Apart from a great experience, you’re treated with gourmet meals with a 360-degree view of the stars, the valley and the majestic mountains.


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