Wave hola to nights of flamenco and sangria filled fiestas!

An exuberant atmosphere and an easy-going lifestyle, Spain is all about living the good life. And with its fantastic beaches,
fun fiestas, wine tastings and tapas, Spain knows how to show you a good time. The rich culture and the beautiful cities ensure
that each day is unlike the other.


– Spain is blessed with a spectacular collection of beaches. From the secluded Mediterranean bays with clear waters and stretches of pure golden sand to the rugged Atlantic shores & dramatic, volcanic Canary Islands; each sandy stretch has something special to offer.

– The nation is passionate about two things – wine & tapas. Be prepared to get delighted at every turn, whether it is the local pub around the corner or an exclusive Michelin-starred restaurant; the Spanish cuisine is sure to delight and surprise.

– The stunning mountain ranges of the Pyrenees and the Picos de Europa, the ruggedly handsome cliffs at the Atlantic Northwest, and the snowcapped, Sierra Nevada are the most magical treks and sites in Europe. Nestled amidst these natural wonders are the charming villages of Old Spain.

– Here the passion for art and architecture is at the forefront. From olden Roman ruins, enigmatic cathedrals and unmatched Islamic architecture, the country speaks of its history boldly. Maestros such as Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali & Antoni Gaudi have ingrained their creativity in the history of Spain.

– The delightful cities of Spain are a feast of the soul. From the majestic Spanish capital Madrid to the modernist Barcelona, you will enjoy amazing culture, food and brilliant nightlife (not to mention the fervor of Real Madrid & FC Barcelona).

– The warm, romantic vibes of Seville and its delightful colorful flamenco shows and its gorgeous Plazas are a testament to the delightful Spanish ways. Ibiza, on the other hand, is superbly exuberant. Known as the world’s party capital, Ibiza houses a unique music culture and vibrant mega clubs.


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